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Don't want to pay Yahoo's $299 annual listing fee. The owner of Yahoo Backdoor claims that for categories where only the paid Yahoo Express submission fee is offered, this will create an alternative "free" submission form for the category. For example, consider the "Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > Sports > Running > Shoes" category. To be listed here, there is only one choice, to pay the $299 Yahoo Express submission fee. Or is there? The Yahoo Backdoor lets you copy and paste the category submission URL from Yahoo into the backdoor's form. Submit the form, and you'll be taken back to Yahoo, able to submit to the category for free.

The key difference is that this submission won't be processed as if you had paid the submission fee. In other words, you won't hear back within seven business days. Instead, it will send your submission into the free submission queue, and you'll wait just like anyone who submits for free -- and you may still never get a yes or no answer. The backdoor simply gives you the ability to use the free submission queue for categories where that option isn't offered.

Is this legitimate? The creator of the site tells me it has run for several months and that several people have successfully been listed for free. "While Yahoo is surely aware of my site, they have done nothing to either fix the problem or contact me to take my site down. I'm not sure if that qualifies as acceptance of what I have done," said Joe Petrow. And should Yahoo complain, the form will be removed, Petrow says.

Should you try it? If you are in a hurry, no. It provides no fast turnaround and guaranteed yes or no answer. And, if you are a large business not already listed in Yahoo, I'd still probably say it's better to pay the relatively cheap $299 annual fee rather than risk Yahoo perhaps down the line being upset and pulling your listing. But if you are a small site or not adverse to risk, others have tried this, and you might be successful.

Yahoo Backdoor

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