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How to improve ROI and track and analyze your SEO, PPC, social, and content marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and other web analytics platforms.

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  1. 5 Inbound Marketing Essentials to Audit

    As you go through an audit of your company's current demand generation status, here are some tips and questions to ask about your target audience and messaging; website/homepage; blog; social presence; and lead captures/call to action.

  2. Twitter Analytics: A Beginner's Guide

    You'll find some very useful information in Twitter Analytics, including timeline activity, follower demographics, and website analytics. Here's what you can learn from the official Twitter Analytics, as well as some alternative options.

  3. The Causal Nexus of SEO

    Everything you do won't necessarily lead directly to more rankings, traffic, or sales, but that doesn't mean it didn't work; it may simply be the first domino to fall. Here are three important reminders as you navigate today's convoluted SEO path.

  4. Pivot Table Basics For Search Marketers

    Pivot tables can help organize massive amounts of data and pull out only what is needed. This guide will explain pivot tables in plain English, give you a visual breakdown of pivot tables, and give examples of pivot tables in search marketing.

  5. Monitoring Your SEO Clients with Cyfe

    Have trouble keeping up with everything when managing multiple SEO campaigns? Cyfe is an all-in-one business analytics tool that let you create dashboards with multiple widgets organizing SEO data, competitor stats, brand mentions, email, and more.