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How to improve ROI and track and analyze your SEO, PPC, social, and content marketing campaigns using Google Analytics and other web analytics platforms.

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  1. 3 Places to Source Data Beyond Google Analytics

    Google Analytics provides invaluable tools that help us make sense of data. But multiple non-Google platforms provide opportunities to gain important insights. Here are three tools to help you make sense of data and develop responsive strategies.

  2. From Rank to Revenue: Qualitative & Quantitative Earned Media

    Rank, although an important metric, can become confusing and seemingly meaningless for the CMO who also needs to see revenue related to rank. Earned media initiatives can reach further than ever, enabling you to drive awareness, demand, and revenue.

  3. How to Measure SEO Success

    Correctly measuring the success of an SEO campaign can vary greatly depending on your business type and objectives. However, there are three key performance indicators (KPIs) you should always consider when measuring a campaign's effectiveness.

  4. Google Analytics Revolutionizes Advanced Segments

    Google Analytics has announced several changes to segmentation are starting to roll out. Updates include segmentation based on users (not visits), cohort analysis, six new segment templates, and a new interface. Here's a rundown of what's new.

  5. How to Use Data to Build a Well-Timed Marketing Campaign

    With the right data, you can predict the future and drive even better performance from your limited marketing budgets. Here's an example of how to use data to build a well-timed campaign, specifically for back to school, using Bing Ads and AdWords.