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  1. The Pros and Cons of Big Data Democratization

    Challenges surrounding data democratization abound. Business leaders need to carefully weigh these arguments for and against conservative and liberal data democratization to determine which approach benefits their organization the most.

  2. 11 Must-Measure KPIs for Content Marketing Success

    Content has value beyond simple search engine optimization. Content marketing, when done correctly, has its own ROI as a channel, and thus must be measured by a set of unique KPIs, including links, engagement, social sharing, and conversions.

  3. What You Can Learn From Google Analytics Mobile Reports

    The Google Analytics mobile reports will help you understand which devices people are using to view your website, let you compare conversions completed across devices, and view important data such as operating systems and screen resolution.

  4. 5 Analytics Focal Points for Proactive SEO Tacticians

    Surface-level analysis breeds surface-level decisions. You have to use Secondary Dimensions, Filters, and Sorting Types appropriately to identify inefficiencies or SEO issues. Here are a handful of analytical areas you should continually monitor.

  5. Adobe Adds Cloud-Based Mobile Services

    Adobe has released new mobile services as part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. The new service launched today and is fully integrated with both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, their testing and targeting service in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

  6. Adobe Analytics Adds 6 New Features

    Adobe has revealed an extensive list of new features that extend functionality for their customers – including predictive analytics and anomaly detection, expanded real-time reporting and mobile analytics capabilities, and video metrics reports.